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    The basics of motorcycles; the function of some conduits in motorcycles

    keywords:source:Jiangmen Ruiyue Industrial Co., Ltd.?Release time:2017-05-04

    First, the four jet engine crankcase ventilation pipe:

    The breather pipe is usually drawn at the head of the cylinder, which is generally slightly thicker than the fuel pipe and is made of synthetic rubber material. Its role is to make four engine crankcase ventilation pipe can have a foreign, so that the piston movement led to changes in volume in the crankcase ventilation tube, because the external air pressure can soak, crankcase will not change too much. (if the engine crankcase pressure change is too large, crankcase lubrication will be pressure piston motion through a variety of ways to be forced out of the engine, quickly in the lubricating oil leakage serious situation.)

    A ventilation tube the root, is not all factions; in some vehicles, the ventilation tube is dragged down, when the engine is running and can see it out in the dust blowing on the ground. Because it will also breathe in, there will be outside dust into the crankcase suspected, so some vehicles in the design of the trachea through the air filter and carburetor between, and where the suction of the air is relatively clean. Some designs, too, fear that it will disturb the normal operation of the carburetor by pumping the air pressure, and then connect it to the air inlet of the air filter, which is cleaner than the ground.

    In the design of the crankcase of the four impact engine, it is impossible to do without the trachea. But with this trachea, it also brings a lot of arguments and controversies:

    A. due to the breathing action of the four jet engine crankcase breather (when the engine is running, a large amount of gas is pumped in, and when the vehicle is stationary for the night, a small amount of gas is absorbed by the environmental temperature difference breathing) The outside water vapor to enter the four thrust engine crankcase; long time excessive water vapor condensation, crankcase lubrication by mixing with easy to deteriorate, so there is no long-term vehicle, the crankcase ventilation tube wrapped ".

    B. classic traditional view is: the wear of piston ring and cylinder, the piston can trace fuel and gas leak into the crankcase in the compressed fuel steam, this ventilation tube air intake system of the engine can be received, leaking combustible oil and gas in the crankcase and sucked into the engine to use combustion. From the view of reducing the pollutant emissions of atmospheric environmental protection point of view, the above statement is very desirable: four thrust engine combustion oxygen degree is high, compared with two ramjet, the easier it will be to the oil mist and waste steam - burning again clean, and even help fuel saving argument.

    C. but if the power from the point of view of combustion engine, there is little doubt that if the piston engine abrasion in engine operation will have a large number of fuel oil steam and exhaust gas after combustion is already piston leak into the crankcase, and then through the vent pipe into the engine cylinder four stroke this is one of the reasons, some large displacement motorcycle kuangpen smoke. What is the effect of such a mixture on the combustion performance of a four - stroke engine? How do you adjust the carburetor? Related books seem to be silent, but said the emission of blue smoke is badly worn piston - four engine oil on the impact performance of the engine overhaul.

    D. also found in the practice of inspection, the ventilation tube trace lubricating oil mist spit, (which is also the crankcase lubricating oil loss is one of the reasons?) This point, although the oil mist is not much, but if it is stuck to the air paper with air filter cartridge, the engine will soon be blocking gas rich oil performance. If this is the oil mist spewing at the rear of the car on the chain gear, just a little lubrication; but a large number of oil and gas is emitted into the atmosphere, and the atmospheric environment on human health is very unfavorable. This awkward content on rarely mentioned four ramjet books, in fact it's rich oil and gas handling pollution on the atmospheric environment is not less than two at the engine, but has yet to attract the attention of the relevant departments. In the current situation of four ramjet Yishouzhetian, about the snorkel disposal, had to see everyone's needs and consciousness. (details about the airway can consult the light World Edition report.)

    E. had designed its lubricating oil and oil steam huff and puff foam of cyclone separation and processing respectively, its structure is similar to the WX in the tank four rushed the pedal power vehicles, the lubricating oil is separated to spray foam trace after the motorcycle chain or is sucked back, vast oil most of the gas to the engine air intake system for two internal combustion, utilizing the characteristics of oil film adhesive dust, but also can ensure the crankcase suction to the air cleaner. But that kind of thing is done by hand by oneself. It's a bit troublesome. In use, it must stand up to the long term jolt of motorcycle, and it is more strict in specific design and material selection.

    Two, two jet engine gear box breather pipe:

    Comparison of four engine crankcase ventilation at the ventilation tube, two red engine gear box tube is simple: it is not that kind of stimulation effect four stroke engine operation, usually in the upper part of the gearbox is derived (scooter engine has no two.) A slender plastic tube that prevents dust from entering. Its function is to let the engine gearbox have an external ventilation line, so that the engine gearbox gas in the heat up and cold contraction, there will be no internal pressure to extrusion, lubricating oil seepage. For a long time without the use of the vehicle, only recommend the use of plastic bags will be the pipe truss, can avoid gearbox internal respiration and the temperature difference between day and night


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