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    Classification and characteristics of motorcycle exhaust pipe

    keywords:source:Jiangmen Ruiyue Industrial Co., Ltd.?Release time:2017-05-04

    (1) general original pipe;

    (2) the back pressure tube (the more environmentally friendly and like the original factory) with the same principle of the original plant, but the sound than the original. The original car mostly adopts the tube is mainly depend on the volume change of the tube or pipe muffler grid plate to generate a return cylinder pressure when the engine ignition the piston diameter, start action stroke, and exhaust valve will arrive before bottom dead center will open in the piston. At this point, the return pressure in the pipe will block the exhaust and let the mixture go to full combustion. But the back pressure is too strong, will cause the exhaust gas can not be completely discharged from the cylinder, exhaust gas and mixed gas caused by Iraq from combustion to reduce combustion efficiency... Of course is the most direct influence horsepower output advantages: low noise, good low-speed torque at high speed disadvantage: the exhaust gas can not be discharged quickly, increasing engine power output: low volume (a star)

    (3) half back pressure tube of course... This pipe back pressure strength is low, stiffness than the back pressure tube simple said exhaust back pressure, he is between the tube and the straight through to get the starting torque stiffness than the back pressure pipe exhaust back pressure pipe between moderately good, of course in high speed torque than the back pressure tube advantages: good performance in speed torque tail disadvantage: the noise is too large (Er Kexing): large volume

    (4) the straight pipe acceleration than the back pressure tube is good, but the biggest drawback is very noisy, noisy to make "Cops" after your back pressure is very low, no exhaust resistance, low speed torque is in high speed large torque advantages: smooth exhaust, high speed and strong torque disadvantages: low speed soft power, big noise (some people say it is easy to burn out the valve do not know is not true): large volume (four stars)...

    (5) semi straight through pipe, in fact, the half through pipe is the same as the half back pressure pipe, but the big advantage of the exhaust caliber is that the starting torque is lower than half back, but the middle and high speed torque is big, and the exhaust pipe type

    S drum: lifting middle and low speed torque, quick start. Strong climbing. Sound low, at about 90 decibels, will not sacrifice the high speed horsepower, mainly to extend the "three wastes" formation to achieve the role of power promotion. (disadvantages: resonance at high speed, little lift on high speed horsepower), and S drum for engines with displacement of less than 2.

    Internal back pressure: designed according to the characteristics of the car itself. Lifting the middle and low speed torque, sound is not noisy. Non resonant sound. At high speeds without resonance and with rapid speed. (the sound is similar to that of the S drum. Some models can not be fitted with S drums and can only be loaded back.)

    Type G: for more than 2 large displacement engine, through the 3 back pressure to reduce the role of sound, to extend the form of air flow. Close to the S drum. The sound is about 90 decibels xiex. Lifting the middle and low speed torque (S drum) is used for less than 2 small displacement vehicles. G drums are used for more than 2 large displacement cars

    Straight row: to improve the high speed horsepower, low speed torque is not much promotion. More suitable for long running, high speed and race track. The sound is about 100 decibels. Noisy.

    Type Y: lifting middle and low speed torque. Noisy voice. About 95 decibels

    Street drum: increase horsepower and torque, the sound quality is quite exquisite, the drum body completely in order to increase horsepower and reduce the volume of the set, can be in the street and walk as a high speed, exhaust by Japan's most popular gradually enlarged design style, 47mm-63mm-76mm, 63mm and 76mm with back pressure pipe is connected. Can play the sound in the engine potential, 90 decibels, balance oil consumption accelerated the reaction, power lifting, street drum ideal for walking on the streets of the throat (street drum looks good, baked black paint, car performance is very good.)

    M drum: variable back pressure design, according to the speed of adjusting back pressure size, without acoustic resonance in high speed, when the engine in the low speed, gas flow speed is slow, by adjusting the valve speed will be slow, small vacuum suction is small, the exhaust gas storage unit of time the back pressure is big. When the engine is at a high speed, the gas flow rate is fast, through the speed of the valve will be faster, resulting in large vacuum, exhaust emissions, high speed exhaust smoothly. To improve the torque but also enhance the effect of horsepower, (full speed power) high speed at 85 decibels, is currently in China according to foreign design ideas show the most obvious and exhaust power lifting pipe, when 2500-3000's voice came out, and in the 4000 turn the sound down the.

    HKS: it is straight back, back pressure, low and high speed torque and high speed horsepower. The voice is smaller than the straight line, larger than the back pressure, relatively crisp.



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